“If you want to learn to sing, take lessons with Rachel. Her pedagogical expertise paired with her diamond personality make for rigorous, engaging, and meaningful lessons. She demonstrates the sounds she’s after with grace and tact, proving herself to be not only an excellent pedagogue, but also a formidable performer.”

“Rachel Goldenberg is a miracle worker!  Her extensive knowledge of vocal pedagogy is combined with a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of singing.  She also keeps in touch with recent medical advances in the field, to give a very well-rounded approach to vocal coaching. I have studied with Rachel for several years now, and find her help invaluable.”

“Rachel has been both my singing teacher and pedagogy instructor. She excels in both. While the beauty of her voice inspires me, the clarity of her instruction makes learning accessible and fun.” ~ Patty Shortreed, Voice Coach

“I really loved Dr. Goldenberg’s lecture, it was really fascinating and it has really intrigued me in the context of how singing is good for the physical body. I loved her used of diagrams and physical imagery because, with the voice especially, breathing concepts can be hard to grasp without seeing the techniques in action. The ultrasound of the diaphragm during breathing and singing was really interesting. Seeing how the diaphragm expands and contracts while using it shows how physically interconnected singing is with the entire body. I also found interesting the idea of acid and base balance in breathing and the exercises she showed us to even out our air.”

“I thought Dr. Goldenberg’s lecture was very inspiring (pun intended). Her demonstrations about singing (and, by proxy, breathing well) improving the quality of life were very effective. My mom has been afraid to sing for a very long time, since she got bronchitis in college and stopped taking voice lessons, but during Dr, Goldenberg’s presentation, I found myself thinking I might be able to help her. If we take small steps, like Dr. Goldenberg did with her patients, I think eventually we could work up the confidence for her to sing. Even if its only a little bit, and not in front of people, I think breathing correctly will give her much of the control that she feels she lacks. I think the importance of breathing in singing is well-known, but often poorly executed, with teachers knowing what they want to say, but not how to say it. Often, it can be approached in ways that do more harm than good, but when it is done correctly, it makes all the difference.”

“Dr. Rachel Goldenberg’s lecture was fascinating! I’ve never thought to use singing as a method of respiratory therapy. I guess it makes sense because classical singing technique emphasizes the relaxation of our respiratory, postural, and articulatory muscles. I wonder if she has discovered any amazing voices through this singing therapy program! Also, I liked the videos she showed us of the diaphragm moving up and down.”

“Dr. Goldenberg was very articulate with the more complicated medical side of things, which made it easier for me to follow along, and I was completely blown away by the footage of the internal workings of the diaphragm while singing! As a singer and yoga practitioner, I am so eager to learn more about the relationships between music-making and physical health. “

“Dr. Rachel Goldenberg’s lecture was very informative to me. I appreciated that she used many professional terms, however focused on only a few of them, and didn’t overwhelm us. I really enjoyed the way we supported all her claims with research, and she provided videos, diagrams, and other visual aids. The ultrasound of the diaphragm was super intriguing and really helped me understand the function of the diaphragm. Overall, it was a great experience and very useful information. “